Launch Date: 28 Feb 2022

Short Description

In the Over-the-Counter Era, Customization Is Cool Again

Part 1: Why OTC is changing the professional landscape?

Part 2: How you can add value in the OTC era?

Created By: Brian Taylor

Who this course is for:

Aspire Members

  • Define an OTC or OTC-like hearing device
  • Describe what segment of the market might value OTC and self-fitting hearing aids
  • Describe the benefits of customized devices

Long Description:

Part 1 addresses why the low uptake of traditional hearing aids is driving the movement toward OTC devices, reviewing accessibility, affordability, and quality factors associated with OTC devices. In addition, the course reviews three ways individuals could self-fit, the pitfalls associated with each, and how hearing care professionals can add value post-purchase of an OTC device.

Part 2 discusses three ways hearing care professionals can differentiate their business from OTC retailers. Details on how customized ear coupling, matching a validated gain target, and individualized follow-up care using the HASK help hearing care professionals stand apart from OTC retailers.