Launch Date: 15 Jun 2022

Short Description

Over the next few years, the availability of OTC hearing devices, Medicare reimbursement and the rise of tele-audiology services are likely to alter the existing bundled business model. The purpose of this course is to help hearing care professionals anticipate these changes and provide proven insights on fee-for-service offerings that maintain both practice profitability and high-quality patient care.

Created By: Brian Taylor


Aspire member

Who this course is for:

Course Instructional Level: Intermediate

1. To become familiar with economic and societal forces that are changing how audiology and hearing aid dispensing will be practiced in the near future.

2. To become familiar with various approaches to fee-for-services (unbundling), including the type of professional services that could have a fee attached to them.

3. To provide insights on implementing fee-for-services that complement existing bundled services.